The Towner Management Company is a full-service property management firm specializing in affordable housing. While most of the developments we manage are located in Baltimore City, we are diverse, skilled and flexible enough to be able to work in a variety of environments with differing resident populations. Our residents include students, professionals, artists, families and persons with special needs. We value each of our residents equally and strive to provide the best service possible.

Mission Statement

Towner Management Company offers a full array of property management services to a growing client base of government agencies, non-profit organizations and private owners who seek positive and sustainable economic results for their investments.

Core Values

Towner Management is determined to create a business environment where sustainable and profitable growth coexist with a desire to build partnerships,  participate in community revitalization, provide quality housing for its residents and cherish and reward its employees.

Management Philosophy

Towner’s approach to property management is grounded in a philosophy that good management starts with good relationships with the communities it serves. Community-based management partnerships are joint ventures between strong community-based housing development organizations, developers, or community associations and experienced, skilled and financed for-profit property management companies. The community-based partner brings community “proximity” and “sensitivity” to the management of the units. This partner has a much better knowledge of problems at the property, knowledge that allows them to know which community residents will make the best tenants, and a close relationship with community neighbors. The experienced for-profit partner provides financial capacity, bookkeeping services, property management software, professional reporting, government agency reporting, and overall project supervision. The result is a better-managed rental property. There are three primary benefits to community-based management partnerships:

1. Improved management of low/moderate rental properties.

2. Stronger community-based non-profits with meaningful responsibility.

3. Rental properties operated with greater care for the tenants and the community in which they are located.